About Ekena Te Waka Reo

'' Kia kore koe e ngaro , taku reo Rangatira'

If only we could go back in time and listen to the reo so freely flowing through the home, ambling in and out of our daily lives without a care in the world, blissfully unaware that in but a few generations it will barely be audible ,almost forgotten, not deemed useful and understood by only a handful of it's own people. 


Just this year, I embarked on a journey to find the reo a home. A home that it can thrive in, that it can grow in and be passed down without shame, without judgment or fear.


With a close friend I started a three year community class teaching Te Reo Maaori to adults. It has been an awesome and at times surreal experience. We have made some amazing friendships and formed a beautiful whaanau. We decided to take a huge leap this year and spoke with our class about taking on the wero of revitalising the reo. We asked them to think of the legacy they want to leave behind for their mokopuna, and their mokopuna's mokopuna! We wanted to form a 'hapū' for the reo with their whaanau and extended whaanau! So that, instead of their mokopuna having to find the reo in a community class , it would be right there with them in the home. 

Ekena Te Waka Reo is a record of our journey taken from my perspective, some of my own thoughts on reo revitalisation, stories from our newly formed 'hapuu' and lessons we learn along the way.